Thom and I went to Art Chicago last week and had an amazing time. For those who haven’t been, its a huge event held (this year) at Merchandise Mart in Chicago and houses about 104 galleries and dealers. Its a fantastic way to get an explosion of contemporary art, and I always come away pumped and ready to move on my own work. We spent 6 hours walking through the maze of artwork and it was worth every second!

I brought my camera the last time I went and was hounded by several gallery staffers, so this year I didn’t include it in the trip. I saw SO many people snapping photos this year though, that I’m determined to pack it next time!

In lieu of my own photos, here are some the favorites I saw:

Mark Crisanti

Brian Dettmer

Valerie Hammond

Cybele Young

David Kroll

Jessica Joslin

Stephen Chambers

Jesus Curia Perez

Igor & Marina

Suzanne Long

If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to interview one or two of these artists for Inspiration of the Month!