I went to visit a local friend and artist today. (Patience) It was so nice to just sit and chat about our lives, to catch up on our art careers, and to talk about the world at large. We travel in several of the same art circles online – so its easy to talk, without having to explain everything. What a joy.

I love having my online communities, but boy, I sure do wish I could sit, have some coffee, and really relate face to face. You just can’t replace the energy that goes on in person.

One of the things I was able to share with Patience was my success with my brand-spanking-new lightbox! I had been saving for a professional light tent for a while, when I stumbled across some instructions online for a stupidly cheap DIY version! I made it yesterday, in time to photograph my matchboxes, and BOY what a difference it made.

I had fun playing around with the box, arranging little still lifes with some of my favorite collection. I just love teeny boxes and pottery!!

So in the near future, I’ll be heading over to help take pictures of her wonderful papier mache creations, that really need good lighting to fully appreciate. I’ll be sure to share some of them when we get them done!