I just love the surprises found in all of Thomas Doyle’s work! Each piece has its own rich story and I continue to find myself captivated by them.

What are your main inspirations in art?

More than anything else, I am interested in history and memory as it pertains
to the human experience. War, birthday parties, etc. – these are the backdrops
for major, definitive personal experiences, and these things form the
narrative backbone in my work.

What is your art background? (education, experience, etc)

I studied painting and printmaking at Humboldt State University for three
years before taking a sabbatical; I never returned. Two years later, after
becoming disenchanted with painting, I began creating small-scale models using
techniques learned through trial and error.

What is your process for creating your work?

Thinking, planning, sketching, and then executing. An idea may arise in five
minutes, but execution often takes five weeks – or five months.

What is the single most important thing you want to communicate with your

A sense of wonder.

What are your career goals?

Maintaining the independence to continue making work.

What one object has been the most instrumental in helping you achieve what you
have so far?

The X-Acto #11 blade.

Tell me three random things about you.

  • I regret never making Eagle Scout.
  • I don’t like to drive.
  • I’d take the Natural History Museum in New York over the MoMA any day.