Some of my favorite moleskin artists were participating in this Exquisite Corpse moleskin project, so when I was invited, I couldn’t turn it down. I have so many other deadlines coming up, but this was so exciting!


Here’s what I’ve finished so far. The idea is that the moleskins will be those flip books where you can interchange the heads, bodies, and feet. Each book owner will cut the book into thirds when they are completed and returned. I’ve decided that my theme will be birds, because I’m bird-crazy like that.

I’m about halfway done with all I need to do before I pass it along to the next artist, and I’ll post the finished product when I get there.

The other moleskin group I’m working with has uploaded the next spread in my Moon book! You can see it here. I love it and can hardly wait to see it in person.

I’m also headlong in a swap with a friend. I’d love to share my progress, but she reads here! 😉