So I finally finished my moleskin for the The Exquisite Corpse exchange. I’ll need to get it in the mail in the next few days, while I await for the onslaught of other moleskins that are headed my way!

The front and back cover. Feathers just don’t scan well! It really looks lovely in person.

This was the first spread I finished, and I love how the layers worked together.

She was a TON of fun to do, and my family really loves her boldness.

This is the only bird I did that isn’t made up. I thought the crossbill was such an unusual bird, though, that it would fit in well with my other fantasy fowl.

This is my signature page. I cut out enough eggs (that sit in the pocket at the back of the book) for everyone to write their info on! I think its a fun play on the pocket use.

Here’s the template on each of the pages for the other artists to use. They have complete liberty to work outside of the lines – its just important to know how the head will line up with the body and the body with the legs, so that when its cut you can flip the pages and it will all fit together well. 🙂

My other moleskin, the moon book is nearing completion, and I will have it in my hands soon! I’m so so so excited. These swaps have been amazing fun!