I worked 6 hours on Saturday and over 11 hours on Sunday in an attempt to finish my Dreams painting. I got really close, but then overworked it in disastrous ways. Oh the trials and tribulations of creative life.

I took a break today after that grueling schedule and worked on figuring out how to use my awesome art printer. I learned all kinds of new things about Photoshop (and I’ve had it for 6 years!) as well as its interface with my Epson 1400.

This means I’m ready to make prints of my favorite paintings available now! I’m starting with one I identify with the most, Wallflower. I have it available as an 8 x 10, and several art proofs at steeply discounted prices. (It really did take me a while to figure out the printer. My learning curve can be your gain.)

Click here to see my prints for sale!