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Yay – I’ve been included in two treasuries today! I’ve been working overtime to connect more thoroughly with other artists online, and feel like this is a first sign of success.

In that light, I’m really trying to hash out an art routine that fits into the rest of my life. This is turning out to be a lot more complicated than it sounds. How many hours a day do I spend on painting? How many do I spend on the business side? I tend to go feast or famine (currently in the overdoing it stage), but I really want some kind of middle road so that I don’t burn out over time and neglect my other responsibilities.

I’ve been goaling to paint 2 hours a day, but have been working closer to 5 hours a day. Of course, I’m spending another 5 hours working on my blog, twitter, networking with other artists, prepping prints, and a whole lot more.

This makes me hugely curious about the habits of other artists. How much time do others spend creating versus building the business?

Longing for Ocean – etsy treasury

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