We were fortunate enough to go to an event hosted by the The Ninth Letter. There was sumptuous food to nosh on, art on display, and the opportunity to leaf through several copies of the arts and literary magazine.

They introduced John Gallaher who read from his book Your Father on the Train of Ghosts. He was so personable, and easy to be around. He told stories about his writing process and collaboration with G.C. Waldrep and explained that he liked to write the same way he speaks, so you really get the sense as he reads that you’re hearing the same voice that occurs in his mind as he writes. This made for a very intimate experience as we heard his words pour over us, as if we were all sharing the same headspace as he wove them for the first time. (you can hear him in the video below)

We so enjoyed this experience. I really believe that, as an artist, I need to expose myself to a variety of disciplines outside of my own. This makes me a better creator as I am able to change my perceptions to overlap the filters of writers, dancers, and actors.