Andrea Jennings & Evelyne Tardy

April really seems to be Art Month in my neck of the woods with event after event. It really serves to fill up my creative reserves for the whole year. This weekend it was the Boneyard Arts Festival when our local businesses team up with area artists and a grand art crawl, of sorts, ensues.

Beth Darlingon the left – entrance to several artist studios on right

We wove in and out of cafes, boutiques, and various retailers looking at the art that graced their walls. We heard didgeridoos in concert & saw break dancers performing.

The real treat came when we stumbled upon the artist studios. I just love seeing how creative people set up their spaces. The nooks and crannies full of things that inspire them and the tools of their trade. One of the studios, seen above, had an entire corner devoted to the lushest plants Ive seen outside of a garden store!

I love my little studio in my bedroom. It certainly is convenient, and I can paint in my pjs if I want to. That said, I miss the instant community found with having studio space surrounded by other artists.

Kris Cain

We got the chance to speak with a couple of artists in their studios. Kris was new to her space and so welcoming. I find her work exciting, vibrant and interesting. She doesn’t have a website set up yet, but I hope she does soon because I’m dying to see the rest of her work.

Judy K. Dethmers

We met briefly with Judy who was in high demand with the other art crawlers. Her work defies expectations with a level of precision and grace. Would you believe those portraits behind her are done in colored pencil? Truly amazing!

We had a grand time at Boneyard and look forward to the next one, to see what everyone is up to in a years time.