My husband is an IT guy and my eldest son is a hardcore math/anime/video game kid. I have a love for science fiction and more – so its not a stretch to say that the geek dynamic runs pretty strong in our household. I have found so much overlap with art and geek culture, and its really special to find both highlighted in this film.

Josh Harris was an early millionaire that took his payout and turned his focus to blending art culture and internet broadcasting. The movie starts out normally enough, but as Harris’s obsessions grow, his goals and the movie begin to take a dizzying turn.

Harris’s love for art turns him into a creator, using the public as his canvas when he sets up a closed community in NYC – where absolutely *nothing* is private. When that project ends, he turns the tables and broadcasts his own private life into a public spectacle. Both are fascinating experiments that exemplify the relationship between art and the viewer, and how each role impacts the other.

I love love love this documentary and like all converts, think everyone should watch it. There is just so much to glean from this movie! It’s not hard to find – you can watch We Live in Public on Netflix streaming, or Hulu has the whole film available now.