The lovely Jan – proud keeper of one of my birds, and local gallery owner

We went to the public opening of the Artists Against AIDs show to scope out where my paintings landed, and to see what our other talented area artists had submitted.

It’s a huge event this year with 11,000 square feet of space used to house as much art as humanly possible. It certainly made for a rich visual experience.

As I spied my bird paintings, I caught some women talking about them and I went over to introduce myself. Turns out, she was buying this painting on the spot! How fun is that?!

Well I was so excited, and later conversation revealed that shes a local gallery owner who would like to have more of my little canvases in her space! What serendipity!

Its been an extremely exciting art week for me. I get to go in tomorrow to pick up any remaining art that didn’t sell and a check for those that did. It feels a little like Christmas morning. 🙂