Have you ever been in a rhythm of life that works and supports you, only to lose it? That just happened to me! I had an art groove goin on, and I was able to keep pushing forward in spite of family obligations, mini meltdowns, and all those obstacles that life inevitably throws at us.

I had the most amazing weekend. I cleaned the house with my kids until it was sparkling and ran all the important errands on Saturday. Then on Mothers Day I went kayaking on three lakes for several hours.

We saw different kinds of heron, red-wing blackbirds, canada geese, humming birds, yellow finches and a big fat groundhog.

There was grand adventure when we found our own hidden pond through the brambles, off of a main lake. It took me back to my childhood and longing for my own Secret Garden.

It was all so beautiful, and like being pulled into another world – which has kindof been my problem. I can’t seem to find my footing back in my daily reality.

Hopefully I can find my way back soon. In the meantime, I’ll be daydreaming of being on the water with the sun at my back, the scent of spring flowers, and birdsong filling my ears.