ParKoo was kind enough to send me two sets of erasable gel pens to try out and review. While the products are free, this is not a sponsored video. I enjoyed getting a feel for these new art supplies, and using both heat and cold to manipulate how they function. These would be great in a bullet journal or other type of planner.

I also share my favorite new app, Sktchy. If you ever need royalty free images to use as drawing references, this is the app you need. I choose a whimsical headshot from the app and draw it in my moleskin with the provided ParKoo pens.

*The following are affiliate links, which give me a small commission if you buy something. It is a terrific way to support this channel and find fun new products for your own practice.*

ParKoo erasable clickable pens:
ParKoo erasable pens with lids:

Sktchy app: (not affiliated)